Beauty Isn’t “One Size Fits All”

Photo: Clay Spann

When it comes to the pageant stage or the stage of life, we need to remember that beauty isn’t a one size fits all type of mold. Each of us needs to create our own definition of beauty so we don’t allow society to dictate to us their standards. When I began my fitness journey, I was apprehensive about walking into a gym because I felt self-conscious. Its interesting that the gym is supposed to be a place where we can build our self-confidence by transforming ourselves, yet walking into this place of transformation is often terrifying- much like a pageant stage is. Both the gym and the stage push us out of our comfort level and force us to reach for courage we never thought we had.

We fear being judged in the gym, on the pageant stage, and on the stage of life. It is astounding that often the voices of strangers canker us in the corner of our own fears, but transformation is about listening to one voice…. your own. I spent the first two weeks hearing strangers comment that I didn’t need to be in the gym because I was “already too skinny.” One person even went as far as to continue telling me that I was going to wither up and blow away if I worked out. Mind you, this person never even met me! My response was no response. I literally ignored all of those people who were making unsolicited comments about my fitness journey and remained focused on my program.

The more focused I remained, the less I heard the voices of negativity around me. This was exactly the way I competed when I was in pageants, by remaining so focused on my end goal that I didn’t listen to the sounds of the negative voices around me. In order to achieve any lofty goal, we need to be so focused on the end result, that we tune out the sounds of the world around us. Had I listened to the opinions of complete strangers attempting to convince me of their definition of “beauty,” I would have never remained dedicated to my once pageant goals and now fitness goals. God blessed each of us with a perfect genetic makeup so we can all embrace our beauty. We don’t need to all be a size 2 or a size 14 in order to be beautiful.

Our role in life is to embrace the body we were blessed with and treat it like the temple of God is was created to be. Look at your body as a house. Within your house there are rooms for your mind and soul, and we should create a sacred space for each of those. Your beauty consists of your mind, body, and soul so never allow another person to define what these elements should look like. If you are comparing yourself to the images you see on the social media, television, or magazine, keep in mind that these images are filtered and photo-shopped. If these beautiful models and role models need to be enhanced through technology, then we as a society need to learn to define our own beauty inside and out.

Take control of your destiny today and define your own standards of beauty and fitness goals. Prepare your mind to win by competing against yourself and strive to become a better version of yourself than you were the day before. Your destiny is in your own hands, and you don’t need to adopt the illusion another person is attempting to make you believe when they whisper words of negativity into your ear. You own your destiny, so climb your highest miracle mountain and don’t stop until you get to the top! I believe in you. For more tips on how to achieve your goals, order Preparing the Mind to Win!

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!



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