Are You Competing for Your Pageant or Aligning with it?

Are you competing for your pageant title or aligning with it? I think it would be safe to say that most people associate pageantry, fitness competitions, and any perceived contest as a large part having to do with luck. After all, if one doesn’t understand the world of competition, then it would appear that those contestants vying for a single pageant title or a fitness contest need a great deal of luck and skill to win their contest. Yet ask another person who has understood the process of “winning” any competition and they will more than likely inform you that they connected to the win long before the arrived at the competition. How? By understanding the process of creating their experience before they even arrived at the competition.

When I competed in pageantry and before winning the Mrs. International Pageant, I used the law of attraction to my benefit. Every night before I went to bed I would visualize myself walking on the International Pageant stage and would detail every part of my experience to make it as real as possible for myself. I would also use my senses to connect with the experience so I would visualize feeling the hot stage lights on my face, I would hear the applause of the audience, and feel the touch of the stage underneath my feet. This process took time and deliberate intention because I had never won an international pageant before. So I had to pull from prayer and the art of creating the experience so I would be able to convince my brain that it was real enough for me.

Every night I visualized the experience, I was able to take the details one step further and deepen the connection between myself and this dream until I realized it didn’t feel foreign to me anymore. I knew what the lights felt like, what the audience sounded like, and what the crown felt like when it was placed on my head. My mind had experienced these thoughts and emotions enough where by the time I arrived to the International Pageant, I already felt as if I won. My brain couldn’t decipher the difference between the “illusion” of visualizing these details to the reality it had not yet happened. So… I arrived at the pageant and six days later was crowned the winner.

Keep in mind that I did not only rely on creating the connection of my competition win through my thoughts and emotions, but I worked daily towards perfecting my actions. Every day I practiced my interview skills in front of the mirror and recorded my answers so I could hear the influx and delivery in my own voice. Every day I would walk in my pageant heels and practice my poses and transitions so the were effortless. I didn’t rely only on the law of attraction to connect to the win, I worked for it daily through my actions and through prayer and conversations with God.

In order to align with a dream that once appeared so intangible I needed to understand my “why” enough so I could be authentic and speak to the judges in an honest and transparent way. In order to push myself out of my comfort zone, I needed to know why God wanted me on this journey and how he was going to use me to inspire another. The reason then is the same reason today I am an International Pageant coach. God used me to share with the world that we have more control over our dreams than we once thought. What are you doing to align with your dreams? Whether you are walking the pageant stage or the stage of life, reach deeper than you ever have and align with your destiny mind, body, and soul. Let me show you how!

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Live Inspired Miracle Workers!


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