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I am so glad you are visiting my site and I look forward to connecting with you on YOUR journey in life, whatever that may be! Whether you are competing in your local, state, national, or international pageant, I can coach you and help you prepare to become an amazing competitor –  especially since I have won all of these levels of pageantry! I have walked in your shoes and can teach you proven methods to develop your mind, body, and soul to take your competition to the next level.

Knowing how to develop strong Branding, Judges Interview Techniques, On-Stage Questions, or Platform Development is key in succeeding in the world of pageantry today. The days of being a “Pageant Patty” are over, and the contestant who learns how to stand out by being authentic and intelligent is the one who becomes noticed. I can teach you how to empower yourself through effective communication and marketing & branding yourself and your platform before the judges even meet you.

As an author, avid dog lover with 4 rescues, who is blessed beyond belief, I seek daily to be a conduit for change. Gratitude surrounds my heart with the opportunities presented to empower, motivate, and share in life’s up’s and down’s with some laughs along the way.

I am wife to the love of my life, a huge HGTV fan, and my favorite color is yellow. A self proclaimed joyful and loving person, I have plenty to share with my clients to bring a smile to your life everyday.



I have always been connected to my spiritual side and prayer has been the foundation of my life. I  knew that despite the most difficult journey I traveled throughout my life, God was there as my “rock.” My desire has always been to inspire the world, yet I also understood that whether I help one person or one thousand people discover their own greatness, then this is my true calling. From a young age, I learned the importance of honoring our calling through my mom. As an extremely talented pianist, she was a woman of strong faith and courage. After 3 battles through breast cancer, she lost her fight on August 2004. I look back now, I realize the lesson I learned leading up to mom’s passing was one that changed the course of my life forever.

The evening of August 19th was no different than any other night, as I came home from work and began preparing dinner with my husband. I reached for the phone because I had been calling mom every evening and was preparing to call her for our nightly conversation. But this particular evening was different. As I held the telephone in my hand, I can remember looking out the window and hearing my inner voice or my “God whisper” telling me to call mom now. Suddenly this overwhelming fear came over me and I couldn’t call her. I struggled internally with phone still in hand for several minutes. As the anxiety grew so did the voice of my God whisper. What I did at that moment changed my life forever. I ignored my intuition, set the phone down, and walked back into the kitchen with a terrible feeling of fear and a huge knot in my stomach.Suzy Yoga

Approximately 20 minutes later I received the call I had been dreading for months. Mom had been talking on the telephone and suddenly dropped it, minutes later drawing her last breath. Mom had just passed away and because I didn’t honor my God whisper, I never got to tell mom that I loved her and I didn’t get to say good-bye. The grieving was long and unbearable but through it all, I learned that I could never walk away from my God whisper again. Later, this God whisper took me on several journey’s which included winning the Mrs. International Pageant in 2006 and beginning my passion as an author.

The more I listened and tuned into my God whisper, the louder it grew until one afternoon I began writing the first of my books of my answered prayer, my conversations with God which I titled Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose.  Wanting to inspire another through my journey, I wrote Heaven Scent – Love Letters from Beyond.  This book takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of a fictional character, Sophia Rose who loses her mother to breast cancer. Through her grieving process, Sophia begins finding letters in pink envelopes from her mom with valuable lessons about how close we are to heaven and how we can create any dream despite perceived obstacles. Heaven Scent – Love Letters from Beyond was inspired by my story after my mom’s death and being visited by her in my dreams. This book will inspire you to believe in life after death, and in the truth that nothing separates us from the love of someone we are connected to.

This is my personal story of how a pageant coach also became a spiritual development coach and author, and am finally living my life purpose. I believe we all have a story that lies within the walls of our soul just waiting to be written. I would love to inspire you to write your story page by page, and help you realize you alone hold the key to living your greatest life.

I look forward to hearing your story and starting the journey!

Live Inspired,