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My Approach

Life is too short and precious not to embrace your own individuality. Since no two people are alike then no successful coaching style is the same. I strive to create an individualistic approach to every client I work with so you learn to embrace your unique qualities and use those to help separate you from the crowd. Whether you are on the pageant stage or on the stage of life, I assist you in creating an authentic story that allows you to share some of your greatest strengths and how they benefit the position for the job you are applying for. Some of our greatest challenges are in discovering who we are and why others should believe in us. If I can get you to believe in yourself, then you can easily share your greatest strengths in front of a panel of judges.

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My Story

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico I learned at an early age the importance of education and discipline. I never liked being told what to think, so I learned how to think. Being very inquisitive, I spent a great deal of time at the library learning how we can create our lives through the power of our minds. Having studied the law of attraction I learned to apply the same principles to pageantry. Having sold “air” at a top rated radio station for almost 17 years, I learned how to sell an intangible idea in a short amount of time. Taking these tools and applying them to winning judges interviews and then a state, national, and international pageant helped create the success of my career as a pageant coach and life coach.

My Teaching Tools

Having coached women from across the globe, I use the most affordable and effective teaching tools that will allow me to expand my mission of empowering women around the world. These tools provide resources to my clients in Japan, UK, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and beyond!

These tools include:

One on one personal coaching, Workshops, Telephone and Skype calls, Books & Workbooks available on Amazon!

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Next Steps…

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