Repairing the Relationship With Your Body

Realize your fitness journey is not a one-size-fits-all mold and you get to celebrate your own level of success!

Do you have a loving relationship with yourself? I have always believed that the extent of success we have with anything in our lives is a result of our relationship with that very thing. This includes relationships with other people, with our finances, our health and our own soul. You must be willing to do the work in a loving and patient manner in order to see the results you desire to experience. What about your relationship with your body? It is our home during every second of our existence, yet how many of you treat it with the same respect you show your boss or your best friend? At any given point you can create a healthy relationship with your own body so you appreciate it and honor it throughout the high moments as well as the low ones.

After writing my books Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose and Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker, I wanted to apply the principles I learned from my answered prayers. I feel there is a difference from knowing something and applying it to your life, and I wanted to start the new year with new goals of applying the knowledge I gained to creating my fitness goals. You are here to experience yourself as a co-creator with God, and through prayer and the right mindset you can create your loftiest goals. This year my goal is to take my fitness to the level I am most proud of, and I am halfway there. If I can hold myself accountable by sharing my fitness journey, both the highs and the lows then my prayer is that I can inspire one person to push themselves beyond their own limiting thoughts. So, let’s begin with repairing the relationship we have with our bodies.

Here are 5 tips to help you develop a loving and healthy relationship with your body:


Let’s face it… you cannot have a healthy relationship with anybody if you are not listening to the other person. Whether this person is your spouse, your sister, or your friend, you must learn to listen in order to understand the needs of that person and appreciate them for who they are. The same goes for your own body. Are you listening to your body by feeding it the essential nutrients it needs to be strong, fit, and healthy? Are you listening to your body when it tells you that it has had enough to eat and is full? Listening to your body allows you to tune into how you are feeling throughout the day, whether you are busy or stressed. Your body is incredibly intelligent and your role is to listen to it and honor its needs just as you would do for someone you love.


Our words are powerful and what we think and say to ourselves and the world around us do affect us and our environment. You may be more cautious as to how you speak to others, but are you as cautious when you speak to yourself? There have been moments in my life when I had to watch my own self-talk, as I realized I was regurgitating what someone else had said to me even though it was very toxic. As children we learn to see ourselves through the eyes of our parents, our friends, and our teachers. Yet as adults if you have adopted negative thoughts or toxic self-talk then you need to be aware of what you are saying to yourself. You are an extraordinary child of God and you are the most important person in the world who needs to acknowledge that. If others around you are saying hurtful things to you, it is your choice NOT to adopt their illusion but instead honor your truth.


Have you ever had those moments when you are so stressed or upset that the only idea of comfort comes from eating? Unfortunately, for me those food cravings never came in the form of leafy greens or salmon. They came in the form of popcorn, chocolate, or anything that represented comfort to my psyche. I suppose this is why they refer to this as “emotional” eating. However, when I was done inhaling a bowl of popcorn I was still upset and more so than before because it went against my fitness goals. The best way I found to combat this was to have a plan of action that supported my fitness goals in advance so I would reach for something healthy. Believe it or not, this does help me because I stopped buying popcorn and instead always have strawberry’s or something “comfort” for me that would still feel as if I was treating myself without compromising my goals.


Meditation has served not only as a wonderful relationship builder for me on a spiritual level but on a physical level as well. There is nothing more empowering than developing a relationship with yourself than by shutting out the noise of the world and tuning into your own breath. You replace the distractions with feeling yourself on an emotional level and getting comfortable sitting in silence with self. So many people find this difficult, but as with anything you practice this becomes easier the more you do it. Meditating not only allows you to tune into your own God whispers, but allows you to grow more comfortable being alone with self, understanding your own thoughts, and releasing illusions and self-imposed limiting behavior. As you grow more comfortable being alone with yourself, you can gain a greater respect for your body, mind, and soul.


I think the best way to celebrate your body is to realize that it is a work in progress and reaching your goals should be a journey to celebrate. I can look back on my life when I picked on the tiniest parts of my body that I felt were imperfect, but now I would do anything to have those tiny imperfections! How often are you in gratitude for what you have this very moment? This includes with your fitness journey because we get to decide what goes into our bodies and how much time we dedicate to working out and being active. The more patient you are with your fitness goals, the more you will appreciate the small moments of noticing muscle gains, small percentages of fat loss, and overall strength and well-being. You are in control of this journey so realize your goals are not a destination but a journey that should be celebrated between you and God.

Honor Your God Whispers!



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