4 Steps Towards Achieving Your New Year’s Goals!

Did you know that it is estimated 92% of people who make new goals at the beginning of the year fail at achieving them? What does that say about our ability to achieve our greatest dreams if we are already setting ourselves up to fail? You can decide today that 2019 will be your year of dreams, and you have the power to create them or to walk away from them… either way you get to decide. In order to set you up for success, here are some helpful tips to push your momentum into creating the life of your dreams! After writing my books Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose and Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker, I wanted to apply the principles I learned from my answered prayers. I feel there is a difference from just having the knowledge about something and actually applying that knowledge to your life. One of my goals for 2019 is to start the new year with new goals of applying the knowledge I gained through my conversations with God, to creating my fitness goals. You are here to experience yourself as a co-creator with God, and through prayer and the right mindset you can create your loftiest goals.

Here are 4 Tips that may help you achieve your New Year’s Goals…


As a Pageant and Interview Coach, I know I needed a coach so I have hired a Personal Trainer to set me up for success in my fitness journey. I am humble enough to know that hiring someone who has specialized in the area of my set goals will allow me the room to grow and achieve my goals. A coach can equip you with tools that will not only help you succeed but be able to push you through your pageant or fitness goals and allow you to improve through every area of your life. Your coach should be your best investment for 2019 because once you remove your pageant clothes, wash the beautiful makeup from your face, and remove the hair extensions, you still have your communication skills, sales skills, and confidence you gained through your coaching. I would love to equip you with the Interview and Communication skills to take you to the next level of pageantry. Let’s walk through your new goals together!


As spiritual beings we are fueled by emotions and the two strongest being love or fear. When we approach our New Year’s resolutions, you primary objective is to create an experience that will enable you to experience love. Whether the emotions of love translate through joy, empowerment, or inspiration, your soul ultimately wants to feel love. Understanding this, while you are in the process of creating your goal list, you want to identify the emotions that each individual goal will feed your soul with. This helps you to know how to add emotions into your daily visualization, and it pushes you forward during those moments when you may want to quit. Oftentimes you know what you want to create but you may not always know why you want that experience in your life. Know your why!

How many of you want to experience instant gratification with those goals you are creating in your life? I am just as guilty when it comes to wanting to achieve my goal now so I can have the instant gratification of achieving it. Remember, if you know your why and what emotions having your goal will bring into your life, then you can be patient while you are creating them. If you are setting a new fitness goal and you know that it took you months or even years to get out of shape, then it is not realistic to think you can counteract all of those years’ worth of bad eating and neglecting your body in only a few weeks or months. Set realistic expectations so you don’t get discouraged and give up before you achieve your goals.

The moment you allow yourself to think or speak excuses into your goal is the moment you just sabotaged yourself. What you think about you become, so settle for nothing less than achieving your goal and work towards it step by step until you achieve it. Make 2019 your year of creating your greatest miracles! Nothing can stop you if you choose to support your dreams with a tangible step by step action plan that will transform your dreams into goals. Do not allow a single excuse to enter your mind or exit your mouth… think only thoughts that support your goals. You are the master of your own life and taking control over how you think and what you speak are two crucial steps towards achieving any goal you set your mind to.

Remember that your goals are a journey and your journey does not have to be perfect… you are already a perfect child of God. Your role is to co-create your miracles from the inside out and create experiences that allow you to love stronger, laugh harder, and dream bigger! Here’s to your year of miracles!

Honor Your God Whispers!



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