"Sometimes the one who makes the biggest differences not the one who is screaming from the top of the mountain, but the one who flutters her wings and creates a ripple effect accross the world, one person at a time."


Behind every pageant journey there is a story to be told. A tale of inspiration, dedication, and committment to achieving a dream. Pageantry allows you the opportunity to tell your story and use your voice to change the world one person at a time. How you tell that story in the Judges Interview room or on-stage reflects the impact you will make on a group of judges or an entire world-wide audience. My job as your personal pageant coach is to help you develop and share your story with the proper tools and techniques that go beyond the world of pageantry. 

As a former International, National, and State titleholder, I have walked in your shoes and know what it takes to stand out among a strong group of competitors. I work with contestants on every level whether you are preparing for your very first pageant, or are a seasoned contestant who is trying to achieve your ultimate pageant goal.  I have studied the "Art of Pageantry" for over 30 years, and can develop your skills from the inside out and turn you into the complete package.

To help you prepare for your pageant experience, I have compiled just some of the information I know about winning pageants in my book, Creating Queens - Secrets in Pageantry. This book has been read by many local, state, National, and International winners and I encourage you to order your copy today!  You can also sign up for my weekly "Pageant Tips" emails by providing your email address.

I look forward to taking you to your highest level of competition and being a part of your pageant journey.



Suzy Bootz

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