Creating Queens - Secrets in Pageantry

Do you know how to answer the dreaded "Tell Me About Yourself" questions? What is your open and closing statements when you are in the Judges Interview room, and how do you "sell" yourself in less than 30 seconds? Do you know how to lead the judges in the interview room or do you take a reactive approach and just learn how to answer questions during the interview? If you are like most contestants, your approach to pageantry may be more on the reactive rather than the proactive level, and learning how to take control of your Judges Interview and preparation all help you stand out among a group of contestants.

I have taken the knowledge I gained from 30 years in the pageant industry combined with 17 years of Radio Sales & Marketing and teach contestants how to stand out with the judges before you even meet them. My book Creating Queens - Secrets in Pageantry will take you step by step throughout the phases of pageantry and teach you valuable skills that you can use years beyond pageantry, but most importantly when competing for your coveted title. This book shares secrets of some of the top pageant success stories in different pageant systems and helps contestants gain valuable knowledge about providing the judges the best parts of your life in a short amount of time.

This book is a must read for any serious competitor and also the young woman who wants to learn how to develop confidence and her competitive edge beyond the pageant world as well. Read what just a few winners have to say about Creating Queens - Secrets in Pageantry...

"Thank you for creating these amazing tools that helped me prepare to win Mrs. Utah America this past weekend! I have had "Creating Queens" for a couple of years and love your new book "Preparing the Mind to Win". They both helped me find my purpose and ground me so I competed with peace and clarity of mind! Thank you very much for your wisdom and insight!"


Natalie Murray, Mrs. Utah America 2015


Ms. Suzy,

Your book helped me tremendously in my preparation for Miss Teen USA! It is completely marked up and highlighted of things to take into account and remember! I look forward to reading your new book, even if my Miss Teen USA days are over! I have found that instances in your book can be applied to every day life, not just pageantry! Thank you SO MUCH for sending me a copy! I truly am so thankful! 

Thank you again! You truly are an inspiration!

Jackie Cai, Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2012


Hi Suzy,

Just a quick note of "Thanks"! Your book Creating Queens was so HELPFUL this year as I prepared for Mrs. IA America ... I was blessed to win the title this weekend! I am looking forward to my journey as I continue to advocate for my platform The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (My mother continues her courageous fight today against leukemia). I am so excited to represent the married woman of Iowa & my great state at Mrs. America in August! Thanks again Suzy & thanks for giving me the confidence to continue healing & becoming the person I am intended to be through the wonderful world of pageantry!

Feryl York Mrs. Iowa America 2013



Good Morning Suzy,

    I would like to take a second to thank you personally. I competed in The Miss Bakersfield Pageant for five consecutive years in the hopes to use the crown for the advantage of my platform (Children's Miracle Network). I ended up taking a small brake to move away and capture my goal in receiving a Bachelors Degree. After graduation I moved home, but something still weighted heavy on my heart. The promise I made my local Children's Miracle Network was still in my mind and heart. I would bring the crown to them to share and educate others of the stories of the children that are here today because of Children's Miracle Network and their mission to keeping kids healthy and local one dollar at a time. Your book Creating Queens helped me find the words to express my passion for Children's Miracle Network. Something that was so hard for me because I had so much to say and never enough time. Today I represent my community as Miss Bakersfield 2013 and will be competing in the Miss California International Pageant in February. So thank you for making me dig deeper, finding my words, my why and reminding me that I am worthy of anything I set my mind to. I cant wait for the next portion of my journey!

With much gratitude,

    Jamie Swetalla - Miss Bakersfield 2013 



I just want to take a moment to thank you. Your beautiful book arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I can't put it down! Do you know how wonderful it is to find someone who shares your passion for helping others, your perspective on how to achieve it, and best of all the step by step RESULTS driven approach to help you get there? It's amazing! You're amazing! Your book is a true answer to my prayers. So thankful to you right now for putting into words exactly what I've been feeling and how to implement it so I can fulfill my personal dream of positively impacting others this year (and beyond!) It took NINE tries over the last 13 years to have my "crowning moment" as Mrs. Arizona. If only your book had been around earlier I could have saved a lot of time. Now I feel more ready than ever. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I now feel more ready than ever for Mrs. America.


Kirin Christianson - Mrs. Arizona America 2012





Behind every pageant journey there is a story to be told. A tale of inspiration, dedication, and committment to achieving a dream. Pageantry allows you the opportunity to tell your story and use your voice to change the world one person at a time. How you tell that story in the Judges Interview room or on-stage reflects the impact you will make on a group of judges or an entire world-wide audience. My job as your personal pageant coach is to help you develop and share your story with the proper tools and techniques that go beyond the world of pageantry. 

As a former International, National, and State titleholder, I have walked in your shoes and know what it takes to stand out among a strong group of competitors. I work with contestants on every level whether you are preparing for your very first pageant, or are a seasoned contestant who is trying to achieve your ultimate pageant goal.  I have studied the "Art of Pageantry" for over 30 years, and can develop your skills from the inside out and turn you into the complete package.

To help you prepare for your pageant experience, I have compiled just some of the information I know about winning pageants in my book, Creating Queens - Secrets in Pageantry. This book has been read by many local, state, National, and International winners and I encourage you to order your copy today!  You can also sign up for my weekly "Pageant Tips" emails by providing your email address.

I look forward to taking you to your highest level of competition and being a part of your pageant journey.


Suzy Bootz

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